Shipping times vary based on the item ordered, the time of year, and your growing zone.  Once any item ships, you'll get a tracking email sent right away to the email provided at the time of purchase.

The first step to better understand your possible ship times: LOOK AT YOUR ORDER CONFIRMATION.  You'll see an estimated time of shipping by the product name.  We show this information on the site as well - when you enter a zip code.

You may see "Ships in 10-14 Days (Weather Permitting)".  This is the most active estimate.  Meaning your order should ship within 14 days of order placement (weather permitting) - many times your order item(s) may ship sooner.  As we are now in the SUMMER MONTHS of the year, there will naturally be more shipping restrictions due to high heat and even wildfire activity in portions of the country.  We consider the weather on a weekly basis while we make plans for safe shipping.  We grow/ship from all across the country and ship all across it as well - so, please know that we are monitoring every single week to see what we can ship out SAFELY.  We'd rather the plants be on your property instead of ours! 

"Weather Permitting" ?...

Nature Hills takes great care in shipping your items, and when working with live plants, special considerations must be taken into account.  In some cases, an item may be delayed due to a weather (i.e. extreme heat, extreme cold, natural disasters, or other conditions impacting the origination, destination or even the transit route the plant will be going through).   Rest assured, we will ship your order as quickly as possible, and in a way to ensure that your items are delivered safely to your doorstep.


For Summer 2021 - you may also see ship estimates such as ... "Ships in July 2021 (Weather Permitting)" this means the item should ship within the general time frame as Mother Nature allows.  Another ship estimate you may see... "Ships in Early Fall (Weather Permitting)".  

"Can Nature Hills HOLD my order for me?"...

Please know that if you are not comfortable with Summer shipping, you may inquire about have your order put on HOLD until a later date this year so that it may ship soon after (weather permitting, of course).  Simply use our customer service portal to enter a ticket for a request such as this and we'll do our best to accommodate.