Nature Hills has over 20 years of experience shipping plants, trees, and shrubs of all kinds. We take great care in ensuring your live plant material delivers safely to you. We hand select the best quality items, package them carefully in our custom boxing, and ship your items to your front door using reliable carriers.

We start with ensuring plants are healthy as well as disease and pest free. We use sturdy corrugated boxing to ensure safe travel. We provide insight into tracking information via email the moment any item on your order ships out.

In addition, we also watch weather patterns and keep an eye out for natural disasters throughout the entire country every single week to ensure that items are shipped to you at the appropriate time for planting in your area and are not negatively impacted by extreme weather conditions while in transit or by delays due to extreme weather events and/or natural disasters.

Plants will always be a bit thirsty any time a plant is shipped and is stuck in a box for a day or two or even six - the best thing to do is open the package immediately, re-cover the root mass with soil medium if any spilled out, and water very thoroughly.  After letting drain a while in a semi-shady space - your plant should be ready for planting.  

Nature Hills has built out a wealth of plant care resources on our website, available 24/7.  Give the following link a visit and you'll find that you have everything you need!