Nature Hills guarantees that all plant material is inspected for height, weight, root structure, and pliability to ensure that the best quality items are sent, and that all items are shipped safely to your doorstep.  If you experience any issues with an item upon arrival, please contact us immediately (within 48 hours of arrival) so a damage claim can be filed.  

If your order arrives safely, but you experience a loss, Nature Hills does offer a one year replacement policy.  If your plant or tree doesn't survive within the first year (from the delivery date), we can offer a credit of up to 50% of the price paid for the failed item toward a like item.  This offer is complimentary, and comes with the purchase of any plant.  Please note, the replacement policy does not apply to seed, lawn grasses, or annuals.

In addition to our standard replacement policy, Nature Hills does offer a paid warranty option for your plant items at the time of purchase.  Should you choose to purchase to warranty your plants, Nature Hills can offer an instore credit for the full price of what you paid toward a replacement within the first year (from the time of delivery).  To redeem, you must file a claim with customer service, and provide an image for the failed item.  Restrictions do apply.  Please see the details in our terms and conditions, or call with questions.  See webpage: